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10 Completely Impractical And Hilarious Firearms

Throughout time and history, an uncountable amount of wars have taken place amongst societies looking to bolster their own religion, territory, or incomes. In order to fight such ways, these nations must make use of new found weaponry, some of which were highly impractical, overly complicated, badly designed, and simply built in the very wrong […]

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10 Ingenious Solutions For Texting While Walking

Texting while walking is known to be dangerous, and yet we still encounter dozens of people do this in public everyday. Admittedly, we are probably suspects to this bad habit as well. Texting while walking can lead to could-have-been avoidable accidents and serious injuries. Although not illegal, this habit is certainly unsafe. Not only does […]

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10 Hotels Offering Ridiculous Extras To Customers

Almost every single hotel in the entire world offers a few different packages that ensure their guests are more than comfortable and have a wonderful experience. Some resorts, however, go to the extreme by offering somewhat extravagant packs. Everything from quirky to outright bizarre have been discovered at a few hotels across the world. These […]

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